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22 Sep 2015
Introducing New Cybot 330 PRO Multi--Material 32 Bit 3D Printer
Chicago, CA, USA Sep 22nd, 2015
Cybot 330 PRO Multi--Material 3D Printer reveals virtually unlimited opportunities
for closely emulating the design, feel, and mechanical functions of end--used products
as fine details as entry level SLS 3D Printer. The printers build volume is additionally one of many largest among other large--size professional desktop 3D printers in their class including the CubePro, Airwolf, Ultimaker 2 Extended, Makerbot Z18, and Withbox.
Cybot 3D Printer offers smarter ways to print remotely from anywhere and it is
one of the first models to get built--in Gcode Slicing feature out there. Empowered by unique cloud--technology which allows user...